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Statuary Restoration:

Rather than replacing with a lifeless retail copy, the statuary of the parish's yesterday can live to see many future generations.. This service is usuall about half the cost of buying new, as the parish refreshes their original dated statuary while still honoring the past.


Precious Gemstones:

The installation of precious gems new and historic statuary separates E. A. Hayes Studio from other firms in the United States. Sourced wholesale, this is much more affordable than most anyone ever guesses and inspires us to give great glory to God as He demands for our own good.


Glass Eyes:

Glass eyes remain a mark of the highest quality statuary and bring striking realism and personal intimacy unafforded by any other medium. Dwindling firms are still comfortable with this delicate art, despite it once being even a standard of the 20th century's cheaper offerings.


Statuary Acquisition

Replacing destroyed statuary is a pastorally sensitive project, and commissioning  pieces that respect the church's history and are befitting the liturgy can be very difficult. Working with a specialized, hands-on firm not trying to sell you a retail item eliminates much of these concerns. 

Moldings and Carving:

Wood carvings and trim is often the most neglected element of historic churches. Surviving destructive design committees of yesteryear these architectural elements can be reclaimed, regilded and recolored, or even completely recreated from historical photos.


Stenciling and Appliques: 

Having a star emblazoned blue ceiling is often a point of pride for a parish as they offer fitting praise to God through the liturgy, usually an impossible idea for a parish outside of million dollar plans and intense fundraising.  It does not have to be so difficult with but only the right know-how.


Rule-of-thumb statue restoration cost: $750/linear foot
Rule-of-thumb gemstone installation cost: $50/hour +$5/carat (covers most of the useful stones))

Rule-of-thumb goldleaf stenciling cost: $100/square foot of 24k gold
Custom gold-plated halo cost: starting at $300
Glass eye installation cost: $900/pair
Digital rendering cost: starting at $1000

Hourly general labor rate: $50/hr +materials
Daily in-person consulting rate (less than 200 miles): $300/day
Daily speaking/project presentation rate: (less than 200 miles): $1000/day
Daily in-person consulting rate (more than 200 miles): $500/day +$0.67/mile
Daily speaking/project presentation rate (more than 200 miles): $1000/day +$0.67/mile

All prices valid through the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary 2024

Want to compare our prices with those of one of our competitor? Check out Nebraska Statue Painting and Restoration's prices HERE so you can be confident that your parish is getting the best quality for the best price
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