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The Studio:

E. A. Hayes Studio is a sacral arts and restoration studio based out of  Southeast Michigan.  Specializing in vintage statue restoration and wall appliques since 2018, the studio has offered its in-studio and in-situ services throughout the United States from as far away as California to North Carolina.  The studio is unique in its ability to mount precious gems within statuary, an offering unheard of outside of Europe.


It is often asked how Ethan has been able to gain the competencies needed to work in the sacral arts beside the grace of God.  Indeed Ethan has not a degree in the Fine Arts but rather a Bachelor of Science in Biology after an extensive liberal arts education.  Despite the privations of any real American school in these particular arts, Ethan has gathered great acumen from diverse sources and teachers to which he is greatly indebted. 


Master James Leacock MFA, 2022-present:

Former professor at Eastern Michigan University and former conservator at the Detroit Institute of Arts, Leacock taught  Ethan some artifact conservation and mounting with a specialty in brass and acrylic mounts.  It was under Leacock that Ethan developed his current technique for repairing hairline fractures in plaster statuary, as well as where he learned a cost-effective way to actualize compo and gold-leaf  wall appliques.

- Ms. Drixelle Dayap BS, 2022-present:

Ms. Dayap is a liturgical designer based out of Manila who specializes in liturgical interior design.  Ethan has had a professional relationship with Ms. Dayap since 2022, and has exposed Ethan to aspects of the Spanish Baroque and Colonial styles.  They frequent consult on each others projects.

- Master Jeng Cuerdez MA, Winter 2024 Prospective

Having worked together since 2021 on brassware design, Ethan plans to visit Cuerdez' studio in Winter 2024 to learn the art of gold and silver electroplating in exchange for education of his staff in statue restoration of the American style.  Ethan hopes to deploy this skill in the restoration of liturgical hardware as soon as he returns. 


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